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Your LinkedIn profile is key to your professional branding strategy.  In today’s world, your LinkedIn Profile is as important as your resume and cover letter.  The first thing recruiters and hiring managers do when they receive a well-written resume from a candidate with the experience they need they look them up on LinkedIn.  And many Applicant Tracking Systems will now pull your LinkedIn URL as it puts your resume in the system, ours does.


Job seekers need to build their online visibility and reputation of excellence, with SEO rich content to increase your visibility to the people that will move your career forward and hasten your job search. A candidate’s online profile is an ever-evolving statement of your brand, including skills, connections, interests, and contributions. While a professionally written resume and cover letter positions you firmly ‘on paper’ so you can navigate a job search with confidence. A professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile differentiates you from competitors and capture the eye of hiring authorities to win interviews. 


The Professional Power Package Includes:

LinkedIn Profile Optimization


  • Compelling Headline

  • Your Personal Story written professionally and employee-focused

  • (1) 30-minute initial consultation with a Talent Acquisition Manager

  • The first Draft returned for review within 72 hours

  • (1) 15-minute phone consultation after the first draft to discuss the revision

  • (1) revision per Profile

  • Project Completion Turnaround: 48 hours after 1st revision

  • Background Graphic, please choose from one of the following options:

    • LinkedIn Blue Original Cover Page

    • Company Branded Background

    • Custom-made background, an additional $25


Professional Resume & Cover Letter


  • ATS-Compatible Resume

    • Tailored Employee Resume with up to 20 years of experience

    • $100 more for more than 20 years of experience or a resume 3 or more pages

    • Professionally written - By experts that know your industry.

    • Keyword-rich to match job postings

    • Optimized to pass recruiters’ screening software

    • Describe and organize your skillset;

  • (2) - A 60-minute consultation with our Talent Acquisition Managers

    • (1) - The initial consultation

    • (1) - Following the first draft, during the revision period

    • An employee with up to 20 years of experience

  • An industry/position-geared ATS-Compatible Cover Letter

    • Keyword-rich to match job postings

    • An additional Position Specific Cover Letter for $25


Power Package Professional Brand

  • If you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours before your scheduled time you will not received a refund.